• br d 37 Terrine Les Problemes Urbains FRONT

    Terrine – Les problèmes urbains

    NEW Before being recycled, Androïd Aquila wrote: "With so many resources and projects, Les Problèmes Urbains, Terrine's latest album, is certainly one of the most demanding (comical) in the world. immediate download of MP3s with your order. released on June 30th 2021.Add to cart

  • Br d 34 City Band Front scaled

    City Band – City Band

    NEW Going nowhere in your head, still hearing The Go-Betweens, quirk and crunch à la Monochrome set. How that makes for an imaginary Paris of 2020 immediate download of MP3s with your orderAdd to cart

  • br d 36 Kenji Kariu Front scaled

    Kenji Kariu – Sekai

    Kenji Kariu nurtures the small, frail, funny and unsettling, weaves it all in an enthralling unique voice made world (Sekai) with electronics, guitar, and beats. Immediate download of MP3s with your orderAdd to cart

  • devant pochette

    Oso El Roto – Pop De Cuchillo

    SHIPS NOW More than a dozen songs made from experimental collages, raps and a few nods at latin-american pop and folklore. This album tells of the bitterness produced by the comic absurdity to want to be a rock singer in poverty and capitalist horror of the Chilean reality. includes immediate download of MP3s when bought from this site.Add to cart

  • front

    Femme – Ruderal Exotique

    NEW Scar tissue smelling like steel laced with lichen emerges from industrial rubble on "Ruderal exotique". Long live the new flesh of the Femme realist resistance! ships NOW immediate download of MP3s with your orderAdd to cart

  • br d 31 front

    Stefan Christensen – The Upcoming Flame

    Stefan Christensen, from the thriving New Haven scene (Headroom, Mountain Movers, …), channels Loren Connors and Jim Shepard with haunted sung imagery over slow looped constructions of guitar and percussion. includes immediate MP3 Download when bought from this site Add to cart

  • Capture2

    Terrine – Cheat Days

    Cheat Days is the new release by Terrine (aka Claire Gapenne), techno noise or bedroom freak électronique, you decide pressed at 45RPM for maximum heaviness and delight includes immediate MP3 Download when bought from this siteAdd to cart

  • yulith

    Mamitri Yulith Empress Yonagunisan – Yulith Lilith

    SPECIAL PRICE The new and highly awaited double studio album by mamitri yulith empress yonagunisan is here to blow away expectations. 23 tracks whose inventivity and originality are, properly, unheard. free rock, shoegaze, folk, all categories rendered useless here. two slabs of transparent vinyl housed in a superb serigraphed transparent sleeve.Add to cart

  • Tori Kudo - ガラ刑GALAKEI

    Tori Kudo – ガラ刑GALAKEI

    This work is based on a small inspiration by Kudo Tori, with additional material added from the voicemail recordings made by Hashizaka Ai (and her family) and from a Maher Shalal Hash Baz 30th anniversary show in Shinjuku, to make up three levels of sound. 55 tracks double album at 45rpm with 56th track on additional CD ships Jan. 12th 2018Add to cart