Leighton Craig – Diamond Eye


Diamond Eye, solo album by Leighton Craig (Primitive Motion, The Lost Domain, etc)
lo fi songs, static electricity and long distance bewitchment

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Over the past 20+ years Leighton Craig has followed a low-tech/econo pathway to documenting keyboard works, songs, field recording and sound installation. He has also played in a clutch of key Brisbane outsider combos, including free-rock misfits The Lost Domain, pop miniaturists The Deadnotes and the dream tank duo Primitive Motion.

Following a handful of solo releases on the Room 40 label and his own Kindling imprint, “Diamond Eye” represents Craig’s defining solo statement. Recorded at home and on beach holidays between 2006 and 2010, Diamond Eye is a personal sketchbook of fuzzy hymnals and haunting songs. At times its wistful melodies and decaying loops play like the soundtrack to imagined home movies; elsewhere amplified cymbal and endless-cassette achieve a blurry time-freeze. Mastered for maximum purr by Lawrence English, the chocolatey keyboard tones of this record will warm your speakers.

includes immediate MP3 Download when bought from this site

Leighton Craig music from Diamond Eye “Sans Souci”


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