Mamitri Yulith Empress Yonagunisan – Yulith Lilith


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The new and highly awaited double studio album by mamitri yulith empress yonagunisan is here to blow away expectations. 23 tracks whose inventivity and originality are, properly, unheard. free rock, shoegaze, folk, all categories rendered useless here. two slabs of transparent vinyl housed in a superb serigraphed transparent sleeve.

The world of Mamitori is as beguiling as it is unchartered. Their, just previous to this, live album ‘Mamitori Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San-25/12/20/13’ (also on Bruit Direct Disques) fizzled the ears of pine-tops with its staggeringly great execution of Outsider ramble gnashing with No Wave rumble, creating a sound so unique, scribes stuttered on hiccups of comparison. Trying to “get it right”. If copies still exist, plonk down some cabbage & see what I mean. So when the check writers at Bruit said they were issuing forth a 2xlp of new material, all one could do was wait & wonder. It’s the line in the sand many dare not cross. The double lp format, in it’s purest distillation, exists as the medium to convey realizations of the most sprawling & unconventional design. And by God, if Mamitri Yulith Empress Yonagunisan latest deuce, ‘Yulith Lilith’, doesn’t ding all the right dongs, then ladies & gentlemen, I will cook your goose. The heart of their sound is beyond words, it’s more chaos theory, transmuting inside the eye of a hurricane. Imagine 10,000 blackbirds, perched in the trees above Tompkins Square Park, their shrill natter suffocating the air, while below Arto Lindsay spanges in tap shoes, his voice wavering fugue-like over the birds, while the clicking of his gait keeps a rhythm out of sync-yet completely on point-with the overall scheme. Or if 70’s era Faust had become outlaws, exiled themselves deep inside the Hokkaido landscape & for the rest of eternity tooled around Akkeshi Bay on speedboats, lustily consuming wild ales, sustaining themselves solely on plankton & oysters. Mamitri Yulith Empress Yonagunisan are Bushido code Circuit Rider & ‘Yulith Lilith’ is an unimpeachable masterpiece extolling the marauding valor of a band incapable of succumbing to convention. Housed inside transparent screen printed sleeves-resembling alien x-rays. It’s like the future just opened up. And guess what? It’s full of stars. One of my top picks of 2018 by a mile. Not to be missed.
– Tom Lax