• Kenji Kariu – Water/ 狩生健志 – 水 Music Video

    Kenji Kariu – Water/ 狩生健志 – 水 Music Video

    pre-order is up for “Rain / Water”, Kenji Kariu’s eagerly anticipated follow up to Sekai. here’s a video for the track Water film  監督・撮影 KALUN LEUNG カルン cast キャスト VASYA GRONSKIY ヴァーシャ・グロンスキー drone ドローン HAN FISCHER ハン・フィッシャー costume 衣装 ALISA GORULEVA アリサ・ゴルレヴァ 歌詞(English translation by KALUN LEUNG) preorder “rain / water” here!



    Writing this post and knowing that at this very moment the evil forces of destruction march into Rafah with the intent to pursue genocide, stopping at nothing, destructing everything and killing children is in itself difficult. But voicing our opposition to war and death, and support for peace, hoping/fighting for the end of apartheid and…

  • guest show on Sad Tuesdays

    guest show on Sad Tuesdays

    bruit direct disques were invited to guest on the Sad Tuesdays radio show (kchung from Chinatown, LA)

  • Singalong III

    Singalong III

    singalong iii aka karaoke

  • Singalong II

    Singalong II

    “sonne statt reagan” by joseph beuys is a nice singalong tune fight for world peace! fight against capitalism!

  • Jared Leibowich in review

    Jared Leibowich in review

    jared leibowich in review wiht his lp “secret spells” at dusted, still single and yellowgreen red yeah!

  • Lès Modernos live in Paris

    Lès Modernos live in Paris

    From a green Corolla, to a Paris cave, to an unbalanced phone, to you

  • Lès Modernos @ Wire

    Lès Modernos @ Wire

    Soleil pour toi, off the album Ciutats is included in this month’s office ambience Stream a selection of tracks from releases we listened to during the making of our new issue. The Wire's latest Office Ambience playlist includes @BruitDirectDisq, @MuraillesMusic, @577Records, @fridahalo, @astspiritsrec, and more: — The Wire Magazine (@thewiremagazine) February 13, 2024

  • Best of … 2023?! was it ?

    Best of … 2023?! was it ?

    best of 2023, at last…

  • Ciutats release party 15 Février 2024

    Ciutats release party 15 Février 2024

    Lès Modernos (aka loic ponceau) jouera à la mécanique ondulatoire le 15 février preventes ouvertes! Ciutats release party, ouais

  • Free Palestine!

    Free Palestine!

    Bruit direct disques totally and unconditionnaly supports the liberation of Palestine and its people. As individuals and as an organization we actively practice the Boycott of Israel and have done so for decades. We urge you to join us in this endeavor. here’s a link to what to boycott from the BDS website. it worked…

  • Singalong


    The Myopic old optician couldn’t see how he would failThe baker stayed too long and ended moulderin’ and staleThe vets been put to sleep, it’s sad, they’re empty for a year.The barbers’ blades are blunted now but we’re stilàl here.We’re still here.We watched the florist wilt and wane and wither into dustThe bank was in…

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