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Jared Leibowich in review

jared leibowich

nice surprise, today and yesterday, that fantastic lp by mr. Leibowich got another batch of raving reviews

Jennifer Kelly over at Dusted writes that Jared “has made an expansive, ebullient solo album here, meriting comparisons to the Papercuts, White Fence and Peel Dream Magazine and, even, once or twice, the Beach Boys in its full multi-tracked, multi-vocaled glory.”

Doug Mosurock says “Whenever I listen to this guy’s work I can think of nothing else but that work. I don’t drift and the songs stay with me for a good while after, like I’ve stared at a bright image and it’s burned into whatever I see next.” on his great Still-Single tumblr, here.

Not forgetting Matt Korvette at YellowGreenRed earlier last month who added “As perhaps his most textured and pulsating work yet, Leibowich is in good company with Bruit Direct’s stable of misfits.” Yup, that’s us right there.

and you too can join the misfists!

Jared Leibowich in review

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