Terrine – Standing Abs


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Terrine is an act by Claire Gapenne, from Amiens in the north of France. But Terrine is its own thing, far beyond the birth name of this young woman who chooses to display her music as this act. Terrine on this fabulous recorded document (her third for the label), a la D J RUPTURE AKA JACE CLAYTON. or the subverting absurdity of early LO RECORDINGS ARTIST RICHARD THOMAS, understands and is compelled, nee duty bound to construct her musics without fear. Shapes as colours as delimiters of movement, Data -flow limiting access through the currency coordinated, vacuum sealed secure hallways of THE MODERN WORLD.
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Terrine : Standing Abs

Terrine/sound is a salutary balancing act-convincing to destabilise prevalent control systems ;- a proto -resistance assembly/and (meta ) language. Organic /electronique in the guise of “techno£”? Who for !?=the tech adventurous surely as much as for those declaring a tech-no-phobia /immunity/,the tech-sceptics ((for those who desire such antiquities ?as mood ,feelings ,words!!?,worlds !!,provocations !!!, As the agnostics will vouch techno often wont or cant supply these within the functions of the track . Here is terrine occulting ,geography, journey, mapping ,infiltration ,her strategy herein an exposure /introduction/seduction to the play and mischief in her machinery.Essential to playing THE MACHINE ! at its own game ! Tripping up with a hair(trigger)-pull glee ,
The insistent persuasions to the cardio vascular, mapped and insinuated,-the CLUB HEDONISM , links to commerce,control ,rule by dulled perceptions . (only the sweats your own )..
Terrine on this fabulous recorded document ,a la D J RUPTURE /AKA JACE CLAYTON.or the subverting absurdity of early LO RECORDINGS ARTIST RICHARD THOMAS understands and is compelled ,nee duty bound to construct her musics without fear. Assured the world is already TECHNO “TM”/EDM -PLATED AMBIENT SATURATED ,syphoned and dominated by grids of numbers as money$$$£££,Shapes as colours as delimiters of movement, Data -flow rush limiting access through the currency coordinated, vacuum sealed secure hallways of THE MODERN WORLD.
These masculine encodings insist a keep-moving conveyance. Spend at speed wait quickly listen closely worry instantly repeat unquestioningly,,, Terrine’s liberation /mission here,is to tilt and up end rigidity, mix and upset the colours ,discombobulate and prank the asserting rhythms ,fox security ,tease voice and trad sound recognition software’s ,shake up identity profiles !!
RUN FOR THE FUN OF IT !! Under the barriers ,to reacquaint within her RICKKETTY TICKETTY wind-up percussive sound world ,the quirksome,the unpredictable, goofy and disturbing to re install
What now !?-revulsion? Wonder, In her wandering and meandering AIM/LESS/NESS?(opening up)??
Outside the palaces and financial institutions ,the power manifestations -they who will not negotiate ,train laser beams upon protesters ,inadmissible when court reconvenes RUN FOR THE FUN HIT FOR THE THRILL !! Terrine’s possessed !of a not so accurate accuracy /acuity
She knows what time it is. She moreso doesn’t wish to have to know or tell , Her sound is off that clock,,.. (SET )FREE PIANOS PARACHUTE drop To revive concentration flops
Ignore the craven GRAVITY PULL OF THE COMMODITY CULTURE() VOID) REBELLION!!/?easy to preach and shout out from behind decks with a glass in your hand ,
Terrines sound is from her and of her streets ,she arranges here ,
As tech/noid as protestors carrying banners and battered satchels full of books with dried flowers between the pages ,cheap stimulants folded into a circuit-bent compass ALLEZ ALLEZ !!
SHE DRAGS THE STICKS PAST AND ALONG RAILINGS GATHERING VOLUME signal-to-noise alerting “like minds “ awake dreamers and even dancers !

  • Chris Rowley (Adulkt Life, Huggy Bear)

TerrineStanding Abs



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