Another Dancer – I Try To Be Another Dancer


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PREORDER releases on Sept. 10th
Brussels-based Another Dancer is outdated, wild at heart and elegantly shy. They make fresh, snotty, neurotic art-rock deeply rooted in 80s/90s DIY aesthetics.

Bandcamp download available with purchase of this lp

RIYL: Beat Happening, Stereolab, Suburban Lawns, mid-career Talk Talk, Guided By Voices


Another Dancer – I try to be another dancer

Brussels is a highway where rainbow-fuelled melancholia kids race its track, mountain and road bikes. Endless summers cherish the collective chosen chaos of the city; every corner displays wild micro-natures, buzzing insects, and rare weeds fourishing organically; tape hiss and AM radio compression are the soundtrack of everyday life. And hear! Originated in the Brussels DIY, indie rock and noise scene, a new kid on the block appears: Another Dancer.


They deal in utopian music – of the open, welcoming and whatsoeverish kind. It’s fresh, snotty and neurotic art-rock deeply rooted in 90s and early 00s indie rock aesthetic. The songs on their debut album balance gently between forgotten pop hits and broken sound experiments. In their world, any shitload of weird, random, and badly synchronized sounds unveil broken-hearted pop mastery. In the Another Dancer universe, radios are
stuck to WFMU and Soulseek is a self-conscious AI producing 80ies psychedelic FM-rock. The Another Dancer is outdated, wild at heart and elegantly shy. Their full album I Try to Be Another Dancer is out now on Bruit Direct Disques and Aguirre Records!

Music by Another Dancer
Mixed by Michael Crabbé
Sleeve by Maya Strobbe
Mastered by Julien Louvet

“Overfriendly Dogs” Music Video from the lp “I Try To Be Another Dancer”

Video by Margo Mot

Another Dancer
Another Dancer is Dries Robbe, Margo Mot, Mike Crabbé, Lucas Schreel & Timo Vantyghem.

Photos by Anna Scholiers

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