Secret Valley “The Glisten” EP


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Alberts Basement is damn excited to present ‘The Glisten e.p.’ 12-inch by Melbourne’s very own Secret Valley.
The follow up to Secret Valley’s self-titled debut, ‘The Glisten e.p.’ glows with pulsing keyboards, dirty guitar, close/dreamy lyrics and bangin’ beats constructed to party and transcend existence.

The two singers Dan Cross and Phoebe Robertson begin articulating their feelings in a warm and bright manner, with abstract interjections that are juicy as hell and take us along a trail-ride of dreams, yearnings, bummers and bad vibes, all the while keeping it fun and humorous with self-awareness and inventive descriptions such as “sometimes friends of coincidence used to twist the day time vine”. The words are where lyricist Dan Cross lays it bare and toys with his song craft.
Recorded over 2013/2014 and mastered by Mikey Young, ‘The Glisten e.p.’ is a home made masterpiece. From the hand painted eagle with a crow’s body on the album cover to the recording and music video for lead track ‘Angry Loners Unite’ (featuring comics star Simon Hanselmann) Dan has been in control. The whole e.p. was recorded by Dan in his home studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne. He made it how he likes it, and he made it for you!

Dan has been honing his craft for over 15 years as Rentboy and Secret Valley is a more pop progression. His songs are complex blueprints, a maze of articulate arrangements and blossoming interplay. The songs are anthemic.

‘Angry Loners Unite’ is a bitter sweet pop hit ‘Be Happy & Enjoy Yourself’ is an epic white trash rhapsody ‘Crow Bar’ is catchy and claustrophobic and ‘My Two Kids’ a cover of a Mad Nanna tune, groans and shines.
New addition Phoebe Robertson from The Curse sings her lines strong and confidently, her bright voice beaming into the atmosphere and her trombone tearing away triumphantly.

Soul food for dark shadows.

Comes with lyric sheet and download code.