Excess – Escape from Brisbane

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Escape From Brisbane is a concept album featuring instrumental compositions by Matt Kennedy (Kitchen’s Floor, Eternal Soundcheck) and a variety of guest vocalists from the Brisbane music community.

Taking inspiration from low budget 80’s sci-fi soundtracks, the album is intended as a warped time capsule to preserve the personality of independent Brisbane music circa 2014/2015. Recorded over a period of 6 months, Escape From Brisbane features vocal contributions from 14 of the cities most interesting and unique musicians. Gerald Keaney (Gerald Keaney & The Gerald Keaneys), Bek Moore (Clag, Scrabbled), Mark Spinks (Gravel Samwidge), Bobby Bot (Wonderfuls), Leighton Craig (Primitive Motion), Lizley (Bitchratch), Sean & Chris Campion (Multiple Man), Dan & Sarah Spencer (Blank Realm), Andrew McLellan (Cured Pink), Sandra Selig (Primitive Motion), Conwae Burrell (Extrafoxx), and Nicola Morton (Club Sound Witches, Equalizer 2K). The cover artwork was painted by Dusty Anastassiou (Dag, Scrabbled).

Escape From Brisbane is a unique experiment and a strange trip into the psyche of Brisbane’s modern day fringe dwellers.