Albert Demuth – Haircare for assholes


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New record by Albert Demuth, with yet another elaborate serigraphed sleeve and an even more haunting sound.

What I had said about Albert DeMuth’s first one more or less still stands, except that his approach has hardened a little bit, taking on some of the sheen of the knowing haunts he’s allowing to sneak out here. There’s more of an approach for songcraft – melodies, at least, like on “The Scorched Earth,” which makes room for an arresting phrase on guitar behind the loops of strumming that might’ve cut it alone on the earlier effort, and a better understanding of how the effects can enhance music instead of being the music themselves, like the backwards guitar lines racing against the current of the Sonic Youth-like “Abalone” – and more of an effort to join up with the other men in black who’ve traversed this solemn way through music. He’s able to blend these elements, too, so Haircare for Assholes (packaged in a reversible, heavily silkscreened mailer – some assembly required – that doubles as the record’s vessel to your address … hope yours came with the Velcro pads) is the sound of DeMuth turning into a stylist before you, and allowing enough breathing room between his identity and presentation that you can enjoy these downers without getting down yourself. Doug Mosurock (Still Single)