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  • Thigh Master / Dag – EP

    Thigh Master / Dag – EP

    Forming in the same sweaty nucleus of Brisbane, Australia, the music of Thigh Master and Dag has long been intertwined, sharing an interchangeable roster of members and a mutual passion for bright and beautiful guitar pop sounds. On the road, Thigh Master and Dag have covered a considerable distance together, at home and abroad, traversing endless kilometres through Outback Australia and sharing the journey overseas to play for audiences in Japan. Add to cart
  • Satanic Rockers - Death Sentence 7" Sold Out!

    Satanic Rockers – Death Sentence 7″

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  • Sold Out!

    Wonderfuls EP

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  • Atelier Méditerranée – Méditerranée

    “Méditerranée” is the sound of sticky keyboards poking at schoolchildren until the kids erupt into moans of agony, as if Slugfuckers left the rhythm section at home and just blasted their gear after a particularly lousy day at the factory. - Matt Korvette (Yellow Green Red)

    It's a wild pile of Guff - very French sounding (in a Bordeaux Free Rock direction) and quite exciting. Supposed to be part of a series. Can't wait for more. - Byron Coley (The Wire)Add to cart
  • Cro Magnon

    Haley Fohr (circuit des yeux) and Katie Leming (bird):Again and again you feel mislead by us. We are sorry but the pattern is hard to conduct precisely and in such frequent cycles. It was when we first got our periods that we started to hate how we had both been conformed by other women and our fathers. It was like sucking on pennies. But we are serious about what we are telling you here. It's like reaching into a tree and pulling out an oddly shaped fruit. Our hands have grown ten inches in the past three years and we have finally found a spoon Add to cart
  • Minitel



    Guitars and drums. Mouth, it's loud. The record is made, heard. You can play it again, sense the table that was. We are group, we fight. Sleeve by Hendrik Hegray, mouth. Juliette Bineau stands and Drums. Lionel Fernandez, guitars etc. Erik Minkkinen, etc. guitars. Lionel and Erik are also part of Sister Iodine,etc

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  • Junior Makhno – The theatre of the macabre EP

    Debut EP from this renowed hip-hop beatmaker (ill bill, vinnie paz, jise 1, etc.) "Amazing horror-hop Metal hybrid. Have listened to this a few times and wish my son was around to help with my vocabulary. It comes off a little bit like a ghetto-recorded soundtrack to a movie starring Glenn Danzig as a vampiric country priest who rides a little donkey into the city to attack MF Doom. But that doesn’t really get at the root of it. Its essence is more damaged than that. Can this somehow all get traced back to Metal Urbain ? If so, I’d like to see the map." (Byron Coley)Add to cart

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