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Guitars and drums. Mouth, it’s loud. The record is made, heard. You can play it again, sense the table that was. We are group, we fight. Sleeve by Hendrik Hegray, mouth. Juliette Bineau stands and Drums. Lionel Fernandez, guitars etc. Erik Minkkinen, etc. guitars. Lionel and Erik are also part of Sister Iodine,etc

Tom Lax ~ Siltbreeze: The French they are a funny race. They like to do it with their________. Drum machines? Synthesizers? Baguettes? Aperitifs? I forget how that old chestunt ends, anyway, the Bruit Direct label is doing a fine service to us all by providing the most wonderous noise escargot, seemingly feeding their potent Gros Gris a diet of petit greens & toxic earth. The 2nd release, this 7″ from Minitel is a plump bugger ripe w/schizophrenic angst; the a-side is clearly borne out of the avant soil once trod upon by Ilitch & DDAA while the flip sounds like the band harvested an entire field of wormwood, distilling it into a noxious absinthe of Swans like potency. The blind carnage that follows, well what did you expect, A Saucer Full Of Secrets? Bruit-Direct is growin real live monsters, no two ways about it. Go to & see what I mean.

Doug Mosurock ~ Dusted Magazine: Hot, tangled, primal noise scrape rock action with tons of moaning, drum triggers and full-on Greco-Roman scrambler guitar/FX box grapple. France’s answer to Sightings has produced a swift, saturated blow of old-school industrial terror and classic hive attack/defense tones for maximum discomfort. Some more peaceful, tribal motifs on “Sang” and “Minogue” on the B-side act as a cooling off from the hammer attack of the first two songs. Anti-music, pro-knuckledrag, and just what a lot of you yobbos out there want. Actually reminds me of the washing machine churn score of the movie “The Entity,” which Thurston realized the potential of on the Male Slut single.

Armin ~ X-mist: Extreme noise terrorism from France, released in a limited edition of 500 copies with full-color cardboard-sleeves! MINITEL are from Paris, including members of the seminal French Post-Rock band SISTER IODINE, playing extremely harsh noise-improvisations, comparable to bands like WOLF EYES or other stuff coming from labels like AMERICAN TAPES, but with an additional intense industrial-touch as THROBBING GRISTLE used to have!

Jérôme Noetinger ~ Metamkine: minitel est un groupe chaotique et primitif impliquant des membres divers et non variés de formations musicales terroristes notoires, ou moins, mais toujours essentielles. minitel crie, chante, joue avec des guitares, des percussions, des lecteurs K7 et divers autres ustensiles non réglementés. minitel est transe joie et bruit. minitel comprend des gens comme Juliette Bineau, Lionel Fernandez, Hendrik Hegray, Erik Minkkinen.’ Joyeux bordel cacophonique aux accents d’une no-wave bien digérée ou d’une transe bruitiste et mécanique par des activistes de la scène parisienne.

Minitel (a sister iodine offshoot)

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