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  • still single october 2009

    Five tracks of rounded, atavistic melodies and drones by this French duo of Julie Normal and Cheveu’s Olivier 2mo. Where many practitioners these days go the laptop/effects route, and dress up their compositions in effects that are meant to represent dread or fear, Accident du Travail get a leg up by playing real synths, human…

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    now made SIMPLE

  • accident du travail release party

    tonite at Le Plastic, rue Jean Beausire in Paris julie normal and olivier 2mo will play I will spin records jack volt too at 7pm

  • accident du travail, sales opened

    While I do a complete product page for this wonderful record, here’s a shortcut to buying it and one, two, three special offers: A) Accident du travail 12″ 45rpm, 24 minutes of haunting ondes martenot recordings by julie normal and olivier 2mo in a fantastic sleeve designed by jonas delaborde price is 10 euros |…

  • guess what ?

    it came, yesterday 2 days earlier than announced

  • Junior Makhno spotting (III)


  • accident du travail release date

    We will receive the records on Thursday September 24th. in the meantime, check out those pics of Mathieu Berthet doing the mastering and lacquers:

  • track listing

    looking good

  • mugs and knees

    thanks to marie of shake shake bolino (she sings in russian) eh

  • keep waiting

    for the release date

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