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still single october 2009

Five tracks of rounded, atavistic melodies and drones by this French duo of Julie Normal and Cheveu’s Olivier 2mo. Where many practitioners these days go the laptop/effects route, and dress up their compositions in effects that are meant to represent dread or fear, Accident du Travail get a leg up by playing real synths, human imperfections left whole, and let the tones speak for themselves, somewhere between the lilting decay of Discreet Music and the disorientating phantom flirt of Maryanne Amacher’s Sound Characters (Making the Third Ear). Not to paint this group into a religious corner, but there is a peace and balance within these compositions that we don’t normally find in latter-day electronic music that brushes against what’s accomplished here. Bits of percussion and rattle phase their ways into the most straightforward release yet on this label, which turns down the dissonance significantly and focuses more on the journey itself. It’s an impressive, subdued work, and anyone looking to end their evening on a restful comedown should look
(Doug Mosurock)

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