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wonderfuls – only shadows now OUT NOW

  • Wonderfuls - Only Shadows Now

    Wonderfuls – Only Shadows Now

    Only shadows Now - Robert delivers 10 confessionals that drift around tragedies, hopelessness, failed systems, nonconformity and physical/psychological experiences. Set to the minimalist sparse compositions of Dan McGirr (guitar) and Natasha Buchanan (synth, voice) whose guitar and synthesizer lines entwine around the bleak lyrics and help paint Robert's world of despair and loneliness. Only more downer, time hasn't healed the wounds, they've only become deeper.Add to cart

get it!

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The Frightening Lights LP out soon

  • the frightening lights

    The Frightening Lights

    Soft, caressing and subtly disturbing, Frightening Lights’ songs move like menace through fog. Singer Elizabeth Downey says she first envisioned the songs as a kind of deathbed confession, their violence is carefully suppressed, modulated perhaps through long penitence. Shreds of instrumental sound – a funeral organ, an offkilter accordion, discordant bowing on a borrowed danbo – flit in and out of the peripheries, creating eerie, flickery landscapes around Downey’s sleepy murmurs. "It’s a strong mix of a contemporary sound offset in traces of the avant-garde, and though the comparisons to Mazzy Star and Opal are strong, they don’t detract from what this duo has to offer." (Still Single)Add to cart

Next release on the label is Australians The Frightening Lights (Elizabeth Downey, Dan Hawkins) 1st LP.

Here are tracks from the LP

stay tuned!

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Sky Needle – Debased Shapes ready

We are now ready to take pre-orders for this new record, which ties in nicely with their european tour due to start on Sept 11th at Cafe Oto in London.
The record will be distributed by Little Big Chief and Tedium House/Revolver in the USA, Volcanic Tongue and Infinite Limits in the UK, the band in Australia on their retrun in October and us right here in our new shop where you will find all our previous releases and can save with combined shipping..

Here’s a splendid extract from the Lp, video by Alex Cuffe who plays what looks like a wooden bass or somethin’ in the band