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your war time status says what

Writing this post and knowing that at this very moment the evil forces of destruction march into Rafah with the intent to pursue genocide, stopping at nothing, destructing everything and killing children is in itself difficult. But voicing our opposition to war and death, and support for peace, hoping/fighting for the end of apartheid and colonization, is still useful.

so here’s “your wartime status says what” a small zine that was initiated by Chris Rowley with Ethan swan: Drawings, collages, fabric work and more contributed by 20 artists in support of resistance. All proceeds donated to Palestinian Youth Movement.

Having participated to it feels right! feels great! but difficult!

“every amazing submission , i felt , was hard on everyone , to know what the fuck to do that wasnt trite or too something? Not enough “ anything”?!, but we put hearts ahead of overthinking for the rightest reasons here we all are , something with love from nothing .. blessings if you buy it helped or even thought about it, the rest is breeze x” says Chris

Contributors: Chris Rowley, Chelsea Rose Amato, Daniel Keys, Michael Hambouz, M P Landis, Helen Shrag, Aisha Boudjillouli, Guy Bruit Direct, Love in Hell, Rachel Holborow, Noah W@rm & Duna Haller, Hugh McElroy, Martin Wong, Kilynn Lunsford, Laetitia Paviani, J.K. Hale, Vanya Swift, Asher Case, and Phil Rodriguez.

image from the palestinian museum digital archive
image from the palestinian museum digital archive

10.5 x 8 inches, 32 pages, saddle stitched, red, black & green risograph printed, edition of 250

get it from The Grass Is Green In The Fields For You (uk/eu) and from the usa at jabsjabsjabs

get it now!

your wartime status says what

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Je ne sais pas pourquoi
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Ah oui je sais
J’étais entrain d’écouter les holy modal rounders (que j’adore) et je me suis dit qu’ils avaient sûrement inspiré, en France, es endimanchés (que j’adore)

Je ne supporte pas tous ces trucs de reprises de musiques traditionnelles, revisitées comme une religieuse dans top chef et finalement c’est de la merde

Disons qu’il y a un rapport au travail
Dans ce qui m’intéresse
L’exploitation je veux dire , pas le travail
vous m’avez compris
Il y a peut-être des groupes de musiciens ouvriers agricoles
Je ne sais pas
Sûrement en Amérique du Sud

Disons que moi
Je suis d’ici

Pour le moment

C’est une limite