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accident du travail, sales opened

While I do a complete product page for this wonderful record, here’s a shortcut to buying it and one, two, three special offers:

A) Accident du travail 12″ 45rpm, 24 minutes of haunting ondes martenot recordings by julie normal and olivier 2mo in a fantastic sleeve designed by jonas delaborde
price is 10 euros | 14 $ | 9 £

B) Same with one single of your choice
price is 14 euros | 20 $ | 13 £

C) Same but with 2 singles of your choice
price is 17 euros | 25 $ | 15 £

D) Accident du travail, Junior Makhno, Minitel and Cro Magnon (yes, that means every record we have released)
price is 19 euros | 28 $ | 17 £

All prices valid until I realize what I’m doing which currently could take some time…
paypal to
s t o r e /at/ b r u i t-d i r e c t /dot/ o r g

Please add shipping according to your location and this table here:

A or B= +3.02 euros
C or D = +3.92 euros

A= +3.50 euros or 3.15 £
B or C or D = +5 euros or 4.50 £

USA and any other country
A= +4 euros or 5.9 $
B or C or D = +6 euros or 8.80 $

for any other combination or enquiry or if this is all too confusing,
please write
s t o r e /at/ b r u i t-d i r e c t /dot/ o r g

thank you!