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siltblog january 2010

Men who ain’t afraid to be seen in public sportin midriff’s might beg to differ, but I’m gonna give it to the French as the true purveyors of Prog Rock. Say what you will about Canterbury, Krautrock, blah, blah blah, at the end of the day you’ll be tipplin Calvados & sweatin aspic like you was a Spam loaf come to life. The Gallic power of persuasion. And they’s invented Musique Concrete too & ain’t no flatass hiphugger’s anywhere disputin that posit. Cause it ain’t conjecture. It’s truth. They did not however invent Punk, though it is their penchant to reinvent-theoretically-& lately they’s been at the forefront of some Chrome damaged, post No Wave, syntho oriented destructo-blat that’s as good as anything goin. So when a couple of them from there called Accident Du Travail decided to collaborate for a project of Ondes Martenot recordings (LOOK IT UP!-Capt’n Siltbreeze), I was expectin shards of wood & pearly keys bein strewn from here to Timbuktu. But paint my face ‘n call me Marcel Marceau if this ain’t a lovely & beautifully paced ep. Comprised of 24 minutes’ve lusterous hamonics as well as some tweaked melodies, this really taps into the cranium like a perfect bridge between Boulez & Lard Free. Great modal progressions too, hey, if this was as ’75 as it sounds, you can bet your Birkenstocks it would’ve been on that NWW list. And if you didn’t know it was members of Cheveu & Cradle Of Smurf whats behind this, well, you wouldn’t know it. On a cold day like we got here, these sounds really warm up the room. Bruit Direct delivers another winner, hat’s off to’em.
Tom Lax[:]

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