The Submissives – Wanna Be Your Thing


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NEW The Submissives, best Montreal girl band ever, scrape up the Shaggs-esque rock stumble, swooping viola, and behind-the-beat bash, staring a hole through the floor/your head. Immediate download of MP3s with your order

Deb Edison - The Submissives (2016)
The Submissives – Photo by Time Warp Weekends

“wanna be your thing” is the new one by Montreal singer-songwriter Deb Edison, working once again as The Submissives and willfully unchanged from 2016’s Do You Really Love Me? cassette (Fixture). Six years into the most tumultuous period in global history since WWII – a pandemic, right-wing infiltration, attempts at government overthrow, climate catastrophe looming, a near-complete loss of the moral compass, conspiracies lording over facts natural resources running out – and Deb’s still here, staring a hole through the floor/your head. “No one ever changes,” she coos on “In a Pinch,” and these songs are a textbook example of that sentiment, and her artistic embodiment of psychosexual desire, ready to shatter some lives and walk away looking for the next one.

I’m waiting for your signal/I’m several years older,” she drones on “Sick Kinda Love,” further reinforcing a long-held stance that the obsession, internalization of feelings, and the human power dynamic of The Submissives are on the menu once again. You’ll find whatever it is you want to find in here, just dig in. Deb might even be talking about you, though there’s a good chance she’s not, and if you don’t have the goods you can be sure she’s gonna be doing all she can to passively drive you away. “Chirp Like a Bird” reads as Deb’s bottom-looking-up retort to Whitehouse’s “Wriggle Like a Fucking Eel,” and might even be more severe, because she doesn’t need microphonic feedback and screaming to intimidate.

If you’re in for surface thrills, scrape up the Shaggs-esque rock stumble, swooping viola, and behind-the-beat bash tapping out each of these eleven tracks. This is how it is; you get what you get, and you might be upset, but that’s all on you. You’ll never get to the bottom of this sketch.

The Submissives – Wanna be your thing – Sweetly