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First Lp by Maraudeur, between Malaria and ESG and themselves

MP3 DL included

We thought that Maraudeur was a solo project by a secretive person who has been active in the Geneva/Leipzig axis that includes Couteau Latex and the Staches, but scratch that and forget we ever mentioned it cause it may not. Maraudeur might be an all women band with two bass players, or it/they could be a gender non descript mix of very early New Order and screechy synthed ESG. They have the energy. They have the spit. We have seen them play, in disguise, smiling mischiefly at us as they were pulsing thru their short melodic punk outbursts and that, trust us, looked like we were watching Malaria or the Bush Tetras or maybe even Prag Vec, as if anybody alive these days had ever seen Prag Vec. Trust us , this is all very simple and also all very confusing (we have to admit). Trust us, this fits in nicely with our releases by Badaboum or Theoreme but trust us for it being also very different. Or don’t trust us, here’s how Maraudeur are presenting themselves:

the swimming pool is a cold blue,
transparent, looking for new sweat to fit
a thin layer of dust snows on the surface, you’ll have to breathe it to go on
coughing bubble gum
talking about gun shots and broken suburbs – heavy painkillers – Damaged Brain, lost highway, plain confusion.
Time passes slow. I forget about everything, even my most precious belongings.
it sounds kinda weird in HERE,
it’s so quiet in HERE
a big stage enveloped in thick red curtains, they shiver in the movement of somebody
interpretation of language through the lens of the void
who’s to dictate the rules in there anyways