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No Sister – No Sister


NO SISTER, groupe de Melbourne, pour un album de post-punk tordu, dans le genre de Total Control, Preoccupations ou Protomartyr.

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I have been a massive fan of no-wave acolytes No Sister since they burst on to the Brisbane scene back in 2013. Their sudden rise and seeming implosion was the stuff of minor legend, the stuff we didn’t think we would see again. But they were not dead – Mino and Tiarney merely moved to Melbourne, roped in some more heathens, and now have released in my mind the best Australian album of the year. Their self-titled debut is nothing short of mind-bendingly brilliant. The thing about the band that has been difficult to describe to others is that there is no half-hearted aping or hacksmithery here – they are earnest about their influences, astute in their constructions and desultory in their deconstructions. »
Brendan Telford, Sonic Masala


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