Hakanairo comp. – Esperanza De Oto 3


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new mindblowing compilation from aritomo’s (mamitri yulith empress yonagunisan) hakanairo label. features only outstanding tracks in a luscious handmade sleeve with multiple inserts.

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Hakanairo’s V.A. LP vol.3. NoGoodTea is the Japanese SSW who released great album “Basking Night”. Bicho Pablo is a great Chilean SSW. Ionse is a Bolivian great musician. OWKMJ is a great Japanese prog band. Eric Newman and Andrew Stevens sing the cover song of legendly UK SSW Mick Stevens song that is unreleased. Ariomi, Aritomo & Aristoteles plays Ariomi’s self cover song. Mamitri Yulith empress yonaguni san is the Japanese band who include Tadasuke Iwanaga, Kenji Itagaki, Shingo Nakata, Takashi Motoyama, Aritomo. They released new 2LP by “bruit direct disques”, recently. Nurumayu is a Japanese ambient unit from Fukuoka. New Gollira on the beach is a Japanese rock band. Aritomo produced this LP