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  • Jared Leibowich - secret spells

    Jared Leibowich – Secret Spells

    PRE-ORDER, out Oct. 15th Does Jared Leibowich's sweet-tasting "Secret spells" actually hide magick spells, or is it a trip on a most intimist memory lane which accepts to reveal its layers only to those that will look for them ? The record has that arrogant audacity, refusing to give any final answer, between sugar, full strike of brush and ether. Bandcamp code available with each order on the siteAdd to cart
  • Michel Henritzi – Flowers of romance

    PRE-ORDER, out Sept. 15th Michel Henritzi works as Penelope hunched over his lapsteel, against mass production it is the work of a free man weaving back together a disjointed society. immediate download of MP3s with pre-orderAdd to cart
  • Terrine – Standing Abs

    Terrine is an act by Claire Gapenne, from Amiens in the north of France. But Terrine is its own thing, far beyond the birth name of this young woman who chooses to display her music as this act. Terrine on this fabulous recorded document (her third for the label), a la D J RUPTURE AKA JACE CLAYTON. or the subverting absurdity of early LO RECORDINGS ARTIST RICHARD THOMAS, understands and is compelled, nee duty bound to construct her musics without fear. Shapes as colours as delimiters of movement, Data -flow limiting access through the currency coordinated, vacuum sealed secure hallways of THE MODERN WORLD. Immediate download of MP3s with every order.Add to cart
  • Nusidm – The Last Temptation Of Thrill

    PRE-ORDER, out on June 9th Nusidm is Glen Schenau, Brisbane citizen and major proponent of that vibrant and challenging scene. Glen previously played in Bent, Cured Pink, Kitchen’s Floor, Per Purpose among others and appeared live with Sky Needle. Nusidm’s previous lp was recorded to Iphone 6 and produced in a lavish edition of 50 but managed to garner worldwide following. Reviewers comparing it to “A stilted sharehouse Areski” or “Slugfuckers’ “Deaf Dub” and live Public Image bootlegs”, lauding his “very clear artistic choice […] like such a thing as articulation (as an element of music that can be categorized) would be at all in question here.” Or failing to compare it to anything really. “The last temptation of thrill” goes further into that unique vein Immediate download of MP3s with every order.Add to cart
  • Equipment Pointed Ankh – From Inside The House

    Equipment Pointed Ankh's vitality and quirky liveliness light the flame from Cassiber's eternally burning coals. A rousing call to arms!Add to cart
  • Center – Over The Stations

    Center – Over The Stations


    OUT NOW Stefan Christensen, Ian McColm, and Dave Shapiro make music so weighty that it generates its own gravity, and yet transparent enough to see straight through to its center. Immediate download of MP3s with every order.

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  • Chronophage by Chronophage – new vinyl album 2022


    OUT NOW Swell Maps morphing into Peter Ivers, long live the new Chronophage! This edition comes in a laminated sleeve and has an 40x20 insert with a 4 Color riso printed artwork by Ben Roberts on one side and the lyrics and stuff laid out by the band on the other side. Immediate download of MP3s with your order if in the USA please order from PPM

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  • Zusammen Clark – Earlier


    French Duo serve bits of Felt's cherry red pastoral, shades of that time in speculative fiction where Pavement signed to Postcard. A catalogue of delight! Immediate download of MP3s with your order Out May 13th 2022

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  • The Submissives- Wanna be your thing

    The Submissives – Wanna Be Your Thing


    NEW The Submissives, best Montreal girl band ever, scrape up the Shaggs-esque rock stumble, swooping viola, and behind-the-beat bash, staring a hole through the floor/your head. Immediate download of MP3s with your order

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  • Al Karpenter - Music From A Private Hell

    Al Karpenter – Musik From A Private Hell


    NEW A handful of songs written in iron and dust, that allow just enough fiction or myth as to turn technology into a weapon. Immediate download of MP3s with your order. Released on June 30th 2021.

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  • ZB Aids Gestalt

    Z.B. Aids – Gestalt

    NEW A bad torrent file for the theme from Miami Vice rings in your ears as you struggle to get out of an elevator that's crashing real fast while you were waiting for a phone call from Bill Orcutt. Enjoy life while it lasts. immediate download of MP3s with your order. Released on June 30th 2021.Add to cart
  • Terrine – Les problèmes urbains

    NEW Before being recycled, Androïd Aquila wrote: "With so many resources and projects, Les Problèmes Urbains, Terrine's latest album, is certainly one of the most demanding (comical) in the world. immediate download of MP3s with your order. released on June 30th 2021.Add to cart
  • Kariu Kenji, the leader of the Tokyo-based band "OWKMJ", has released his third solo album in nine years! This is a new release from Bruit Direct Disques, a French label that has also released Tori Kudo and Mamitri Yulith Empress Yonagunisan.

    Kenji Kariu – Sekai

    Kenji Kariu nurtures the small, frail, funny and unsettling, weaves it all in an enthralling unique voice made world (Sekai) with electronics, guitar, and beats. Immediate download of MP3s with your orderAdd to cart
  • City Band – City Band

    NEW Going nowhere in your head, still hearing The Go-Betweens, quirk and crunch à la Monochrome set. How that makes for an imaginary Paris of 2020 immediate download of MP3s with your orderAdd to cart
  • Terrine - Cheat Days Sold Out!

    Terrine – Cheat Days

    Cheat Days is the new release by Terrine (aka Claire Gapenne), techno noise or bedroom freak électronique, you decide pressed at 45RPM for maximum heaviness and delight includes immediate MP3 Download when bought from this siteRead more
  • 2020 Acid Green T-shirt by Hendrik Hegray

    T-Shirt by Hendrik Hegray black serigraphy on Acid Green cottonSelect options
  • 2020 Bite Pink T-Shirt by Hendrik Hegray

    2020 Bite Pink T-Shirt by Hendrik Hegray

    T-Shirt by Hendrik Hegray black serigraphy on bite pink heavy cottonSelect options
  • Femme - Ruderal Exotique

    Femme – Ruderal Exotique

    NEW Scar tissue smelling like steel laced with lichen emerges from industrial rubble on "Ruderal exotique". Long live the new flesh of the Femme realist resistance! ships NOW immediate download of MP3s with your orderAdd to cart
  • Oso El Roto - Pop De Cuchillo

    Oso El Roto – Pop De Cuchillo

    SHIPS NOW More than a dozen songs made from experimental collages, raps and a few nods at latin-american pop and folklore. This album tells of the bitterness produced by the comic absurdity to want to be a rock singer in poverty and capitalist horror of the Chilean reality. includes immediate download of MP3s when bought from this site.Add to cart
  • Stefan Christensen - The Upcoming Flame

    Stefan Christensen – The Upcoming Flame

    Stefan Christensen, from the thriving New Haven scene (Headroom, Mountain Movers, …), channels Loren Connors and Jim Shepard with haunted sung imagery over slow looped constructions of guitar and percussion. includes immediate MP3 Download when bought from this site Add to cart
  • Leighton Craig - Diamond Eye

    Leighton Craig – Diamond Eye

    NEW Diamond Eye, solo album by Leighton Craig (Primitive Motion, The Lost Domain, etc) lo fi songs, static electricity and long distance bewitchment includes immediate MP3 Download when bought from this site Add to cart
  • Mamitri Yulith Empress Yonagunisan - Yulith Lilith

    Mamitri Yulith Empress Yonagunisan – Yulith Lilith

    SPECIAL PRICE The new and highly awaited double studio album by mamitri yulith empress yonagunisan is here to blow away expectations. 23 tracks whose inventivity and originality are, properly, unheard. free rock, shoegaze, folk, all categories rendered useless here. two slabs of transparent vinyl housed in a superb serigraphed transparent sleeve.Add to cart
  • Thigh Master / Dag – EP

    Thigh Master / Dag – EP

    Forming in the same sweaty nucleus of Brisbane, Australia, the music of Thigh Master and Dag has long been intertwined, sharing an interchangeable roster of members and a mutual passion for bright and beautiful guitar pop sounds. On the road, Thigh Master and Dag have covered a considerable distance together, at home and abroad, traversing endless kilometres through Outback Australia and sharing the journey overseas to play for audiences in Japan. Add to cart
  • Tori Kudo - ガラ刑GALAKEI

    Tori Kudo – ガラ刑GALAKEI

    This work is based on a small inspiration by Kudo Tori, with additional material added from the voicemail recordings made by Hashizaka Ai (and her family) and from a Maher Shalal Hash Baz 30th anniversary show in Shinjuku, to make up three levels of sound. 55 tracks double album at 45rpm with 56th track on additional CD ships Jan. 12th 2018Add to cart
  • Femme - Chroma

    Femme – Chroma

    NEW "Chroma" an album by Femme (Arno Bruil & Jo Opera Mort) no field recording involved in this record MP3 DL includedAdd to cart
  • Maraudeur - Lp Sold Out!

    Maraudeur – Lp

    First Lp by Maraudeur, between Malaria and ESG and themselves MP3 DL includedRead more
  • scorpion violente - the stalker - bruit direct disques

    Scorpion Violente – The Stalker

    IN STOCK New and eagerly awaited 12" by Scorpion Violente, 3 tracks of slow dark danger Includes immediate mp3 downloadAdd to cart
  • Thigh Master - Early Times

    Thigh Master – Early Times

    Early Times is australian band Thigh Master's 1st LP! and it's a scorcher. includes MP3 download when bought hereAdd to cart
  • Theoreme – L’appel du Midi à midi pile # Maissa D. is Theoreme, she also sings in Sida.

    Theoreme – L’appel du Midi à midi pile

    OUT NOW Maissa D. is Theoreme, she also sings in Sida. Includes MP3s when bought on this site.Add to cart
  • T-Shirt by Hendrik Hegray Green serigraphy on grey cotton Sold Out!

    T-Shirt by Hendrik Hegray

    T-Shirt by Hendrik Hegray Green serigraphy on grey cottonRead more
  • T-Shirt by 이수경 Lee Sukyung / LEESSKK Black serigraphy on white cotton

    T-Shirt by 이수경 Lee Sukyung / LEESSKK

    T-Shirt by 이수경 Lee Sukyung / LEESSKK Black serigraphy on white cottonSelect options
  • Klimperei & Eric Chabert sing John B Cornaway - Dealings

    Klimperei & Eric Chabert sing John B Cornaway – Dealings

    OUT NOW Ivor Cutler meets early Brian Eno on Dealings, an adaptation of John B Cornaway's poems, tangled and twisted into sweet and sour post punk vignettes by Klimperei and Eric Chabert. Front cover image by Emmanuelle Pidoux.Add to cart
  • Sold Out!

    Accident du Travail

    LAST COPIES Original compositions for the ondes martenot by Julie Normal (cradle of smurf, crash normal) et olivier 2MO (cheveu, heimat), As a twelve inch at 45 rpm for maximum repeatable beauty. Sleeve by Jonas Delaborde.Read more
  • Mouse Sluts – Mouse Sluts

    Graham Lambkin (The Shadow Ring, Kye), Dan Melchior, Letha Rodman-Melchior and Glen the bird's one off collaboration 4 tracks 12", like no other record you've heardAdd to cart
  • Badaboum - Badaboum Sold Out!

    Badaboum – Badaboum

    Groupe de filles avec Krine (Headwar), Armelle (The Dreams, Heimat) et Solene (Avenir, Dudu geva): "par moment on dirait Kleenex qui chante avec King Crimson qui jouent derriere ou quelque chose d'incongru dans le genre" (Blog to Comm). Badaboum vous apportera autant de joie que de chaos et d'effroi.Read more
  • Kitchen's Floor - Battle Of Brisbane Sold Out!

    Kitchen’s Floor – Battle Of Brisbane

    BACK IN STOCK (limited supply) 10 tracks of uncompromisingly nihilistic outsider RnR. Inspired by the indifference of the city the band calls home and the sad events that can happen to the characters within it, Battle Of Brisbane is a bitter ode to existential dread battered through a minimalist punk facade. Recorded by Luke Walsh (Blank Realm) and mastered by Marly Luske, Battle of Brisbane is a uniquely fucked oddity in the modern rock landscape. "Battle Of Brisbane proves there is no-one as fervently potent in producing personal disenfranchisement and disgust." (The Quietus)Read more
  • Bruit Direct Disques presents “25/12/2013”, a live album by Japanese group 真美鳥Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San

    Mamitori Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San – 25/12/2013

    Mamitori hides a form of twee pop unwittingly battered by no wave, and whose every chord could be a blank bullet. You could be mistaken for thinking you were hearing My Bloody Valentine pranged by the Shaggs, the Pastels bullyraged by Mars, Pere Ubu holding paws with Swell Maps. Is a new No Tokyo emerging 35 years after No New York ? This live set in front of a ghost-like public serves as a hint of this Japanese band’s profound peculiarity. "The six songs here speak to the mysticism of another Japanese ensemble with as large a reputation as a body of work, Les Rallizes Denudes, but while that group built themselves up over long tracks, Mamitori (the preferred abbreviation) confines itself mostly to 4-5 minute stretches, quickly establishing a melody and a beat, and getting colorful over top." (Still SIngle)Add to cart
  • Wonderfuls - Only Shadows Now

    Wonderfuls – Only Shadows Now

    Only shadows Now - Robert delivers 10 confessionals that drift around tragedies, hopelessness, failed systems, nonconformity and physical/psychological experiences. Set to the minimalist sparse compositions of Dan McGirr (guitar) and Natasha Buchanan (synth, voice) whose guitar and synthesizer lines entwine around the bleak lyrics and help paint Robert's world of despair and loneliness. Only more downer, time hasn't healed the wounds, they've only become deeper.Add to cart
  • The Frightening Lights

    Soft, caressing and subtly disturbing, Frightening Lights’ songs move like menace through fog. Singer Elizabeth Downey says she first envisioned the songs as a kind of deathbed confession, their violence is carefully suppressed, modulated perhaps through long penitence. Shreds of instrumental sound – a funeral organ, an offkilter accordion, discordant bowing on a borrowed danbo – flit in and out of the peripheries, creating eerie, flickery landscapes around Downey’s sleepy murmurs. "It’s a strong mix of a contemporary sound offset in traces of the avant-garde, and though the comparisons to Mazzy Star and Opal are strong, they don’t detract from what this duo has to offer." (Still Single)Add to cart
  • Debased Shapes LP by Sky Needle

    Sky Needle – Debased Shapes

    Fresh from the post office's this bizzaraty that was recorded by a group that actually made all of their own instruments! If you think that this act is something like those wacky early-sixties instrumental groups whose members actually crafted their guitars and drums in their high school woodshop class you are mistaken, because Sky Needle's wares are what you would call extremely "unconventional" electronics, string things and percussives that have a rather non-traditional clank to 'em. They even make the Junkyard Band on FAT ALBERT sound like Miles. Top that off with a femme vocalist who sing-songs around the resultant spew like that gal on the boffo LEAD SHOES soundtrack and you'll be halfway there. Nothing that really grabs hold of my attention the way similar home-made electronic or outsider recordings might have over the past few decades, but you gotta admit it's one that will separate the true lovers of pure grating sound from the pretenders! (Blog To Comm)Add to cart
  • Atelier Méditerranée – Méditerranée

    “Méditerranée” is the sound of sticky keyboards poking at schoolchildren until the kids erupt into moans of agony, as if Slugfuckers left the rhythm section at home and just blasted their gear after a particularly lousy day at the factory. - Matt Korvette (Yellow Green Red)

    It's a wild pile of Guff - very French sounding (in a Bordeaux Free Rock direction) and quite exciting. Supposed to be part of a series. Can't wait for more. - Byron Coley (The Wire)Add to cart
  • La Ligne Claire – Chéri

    Now defunct parisian band with a distinct funky crazy sound that meshes them in a time warp to No New York twangs. La ligne claire were Charlene Darling, Ines Di Folco, Alexandre Kouklia and Fifi (11eme etage). "There's some seriously throwaway craziness on this mini-lp. Punk is obviously the background for this music, though La Ligne Claire were not born when French hardcore punkers Lucrate Milk were wrapping sellotape around their heads in early 1980s videos. Chéri's ramshackle beats are drawn more from African music than Amphetamines. " (The Wire)Add to cart
  • scorpion violente untitled bruit direct disques Sold Out!

    Scorpion violente


    Untitled maxi-dance 12", first pressing 500, second pressing 300. 52 LAST COPIES out of stock

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  • Cro Magnon

    Haley Fohr (circuit des yeux) and Katie Leming (bird):Again and again you feel mislead by us. We are sorry but the pattern is hard to conduct precisely and in such frequent cycles. It was when we first got our periods that we started to hate how we had both been conformed by other women and our fathers. It was like sucking on pennies. But we are serious about what we are telling you here. It's like reaching into a tree and pulling out an oddly shaped fruit. Our hands have grown ten inches in the past three years and we have finally found a spoon Add to cart
  • Minitel



    Guitars and drums. Mouth, it's loud. The record is made, heard. You can play it again, sense the table that was. We are group, we fight. Sleeve by Hendrik Hegray, mouth. Juliette Bineau stands and Drums. Lionel Fernandez, guitars etc. Erik Minkkinen, etc. guitars. Lionel and Erik are also part of Sister Iodine,etc

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  • Junior Makhno – The theatre of the macabre EP

    Debut EP from this renowed hip-hop beatmaker (ill bill, vinnie paz, jise 1, etc.) "Amazing horror-hop Metal hybrid. Have listened to this a few times and wish my son was around to help with my vocabulary. It comes off a little bit like a ghetto-recorded soundtrack to a movie starring Glenn Danzig as a vampiric country priest who rides a little donkey into the city to attack MF Doom. But that doesn’t really get at the root of it. Its essence is more damaged than that. Can this somehow all get traced back to Metal Urbain ? If so, I’d like to see the map." (Byron Coley)Add to cart
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    T-shirt by Stephane Prigent

    Brown T-Shirt designed by Stephane Prigent Select options

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