• sleeve

    as you’ve seen it, if you arrived here by normal ways that is the sleeve designed by jonas delaborde is this one yes, très cool we think

  • mugs

    your typical ondes martenot buffs at a contemporary art museum: Julie Normal, Jack Volt, Lili Z., Crash Normal and friend, Etienne Cheveu, Guy M., Marie Shake Bolino in no particular order

  • Go!

    Just sent the order to go ahead for the pressing of those 500 Accident du travail, records! Release date is… soon!

  • Julie Normal in concert

    Julie Normal, half of Accident du travail, played a 30 minute set at the Palais de Tokyo yesterday an interesting crowd of ~200 people showed up and the set was a brilliant success here are some pics: setting up tech stuff playing applause!

  • test pressings

    got some test pressings looking good the sound could be better so we’ll ask for more…

  • circuit des yeux – sirenum

    Doug Mosurock reviews the latest releases by Haley Fohr and mentions the Cro Magnon 7″ favorably

  • Junior Makhno spotting (II)

    Chez Gilda […]

  • accident du travail

    I’ve selected 5 tracks for the release and sequenced them, burnt a CD-R and it plays so well already on my stereo, even though they’re just damned mp3s! have to make sure I understand what are ondes martenot but hey the music is so great …

  • Cro Magnon live at WFMU

    Listen to this show!

  • Junior Makhno spotting (I)

    in the streets of Paris XII

  • go ahead

    got the files and listened to them […] decide to release those recordings by Julie Normal and Olivier 2MO their beautiful tracks of ondes martenot will fit nicely with the other releases on the label we think

  • re-start

    so, we’ve been contacted by the keyboardist of a well known french band who has some very special things he wants us to listen to… wtf,  let’s bl*g it all!

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