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10 morceaux d’outsider RnR nihiliste et sans compromis. Inspiré par l’indifference de la ville que le groupe a fait sienne et les tristes évènements qui peuvent arriver aux personnages qui l’habitent, Battle Of Brisbane est une ode amère à la peur existentielle recouverte d’une facade punk minimaliste. Enregistré par Luke Walsh (Blank Realm) et masterisé par Marly Luske, Battle of Brisbane est une bizarrerie unique et déjantée dans le paysage du rock moderne. « le disque de rock le plus captivant qu’on a écouté depuis longtemps » (The Drone)

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Bruit Direct Disques is pleased to announce its fourth Australian release (Sky Needle,
Wonderfuls, The Frightening Lights) with Kitchen’s Floor “Battle of Brisbane”Lp, tying with Matt Kennedy’s 1st European solo appearance.
Battle Of Brisbane is the 3rd album by Kitchen’s Floor, their first full length release in 4 years, following 2011’s Look Forward To Nothing (Siltbreeze) and 2009’s Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress (R.I.P Society, Bedroom Suck Records). Guitarist/vocalist Matt Kennedy, who formed the band in 2007, is joined by a new lineup of members including Robert Vagg (Wonderfuls, Meat Thump) on drums and Josh Watson (Sewers) on bass. Sarah Spencer (Blank Realm) also provides additional vocals.
Kitchen’s Floor is often credited as one of the main contributors to the resurgence of international interest in Australian DIY underground music over the last decade, alongside contemporaries such as Royal Headache, Blank Realm, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Bitch Prefect and Naked On The Vague, to name a few. Primarily Kitchen’s Floor is based around Kennedy’s minimalist yet uniquely affecting song writing, which expresses honest emotion drawn from personal experience weaved through a raw pop sensibility. Since the beginning the band have constantly
experimented with their line up and arrangements, with Kennedy being the sole permanent member and songwriter.
When performing live Kitchen’s Floor can range from just Kennedy by himself with an acoustic guitar, through to a 3
piece traditional rock outfit, to more experimental 4 piece arrangements with synths and other
The new album contains 10 tracks of uncompromisingly nihilistic outsider RnR. Inspired by the indifference of the city the band calls home and the sad events that can happen to the characters within it, Battle Of Brisbane is a bitter ode to existential dread battered through a minimalist punk facade. Recorded by Luke Walsh (Blank Realm) and mastered by Marly Luske, Battle of Brisbane is a uniquely fucked oddity in the modern rock landscape.


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