Dustbreeders – The Missing Bar


On their last LP the grueling Dustbreeders renew with their singing maitresse Junko for a whipping performance that will leave no dust unturned.

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The 2016 full-length from experimental noise masters Dustbreeders, since the early 90s extracting music from the chaos of guitars and/or mange-disques, redefining the notion of esthetism and creation. Joined by their japanese sister, and the grand dame of Japanese shriek, Junko Hiroshige on vocals on few tracks, opening a missing bar to crush our souls.

For Fans of: The Dead C, Hijokaidan, Derek Bailey

Yves Botz, Thierry Delles, Michel Henritzi : guitars
(mange-disque on Children)
Hélène Stiefel : bass
Junko : voice

Recorded and mixed by Kevin Le Quellec, november 2014 at Cave 38, Metz, FRANCE.
Mastered by Julien Louvet

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